September 7, 2008


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September 5, 2006

function Tejas() { alert(“Hi”); }

Blogging using Performancing for Firefox (PFF)

March 14, 2006

This looks cool. I don’t know if it works well with Drupal. The intereface is a tad confusing at times but no major issues. Thats all for now. Enjoy!

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WordPress.com adds Google Analytics to blogs

November 22, 2005

Just noticed that WordPress.com has added Google Analytics code to all the blogs hosted here. Shouldn’t it have asked the blog owner first? Most people (including me) would be fine with the inclusion but asking before doing something like this doesn’t hurt. In fact it increases the faith that a blog owner has in the service. Blogger has introduced a number of new features such as captcha verification, moderation etc but in all cases the feature has to be turned on by the blogger. And how the heck do I see the stats for my site? I have never been able to log into Google Analytics so I don’t know how it works but I sure hope I will be able to see the stats.

Blogging from Flock

October 24, 2005

Hi world. I am just checking out the new Flock browser. It seems to be making a lot of noise nowadays and I just wanted to see what it was all about.

Right now I am using the ‘Create a Blog Post’ feature that comes builtin with Flock. I have also added some formatting to test the Flock editor.

If you see this post then it means that everything is working fine.

Can I have my own favicon please?

October 20, 2005

I don’t like the default favicon used here. Can I set up own favicon? I can do this if I am able to change my theme… I have seen a few blogs around here that have their own custom themes? How did they do that?

Starting trouble…

October 20, 2005

I have been fiddling around with WordPress and 3 things have annoyed me till now:

  1. No CAPTCHA for comments. WordPress does have something for this. I have seen captchas in many WordPress blogs but I am not sure how to enable it.
  2. The themes work differently. OK, in this case I am exporting my ‘Drupal’ model and trying to fit WordPress into it but still… I want all my sidebar items to appear even when the individual posts are viewed… This makes it all the more important that I am able to tweak the theme of the blog.
  3. I imported some posts from my (abandoned) blogger blog. The posts and comments were imported efforlessly (kudos to the WordPress team!). However I noticed that an author named ‘Varun’ appeared in the list of authors and there is no way I can get rid of him! Aaarggh!

Any pointers or suggestions people?

What am I upto now?

October 20, 2005

I already have a blog, so you might be wondering what I am doing here. Well… a few weeks ago I heard that the WordPress team was launching a new blog hosting service at WordPress.com. I signed up for an invite and got one yesterday. I decided to try out a few posts here just to test the waters…

So what are my primary motives for blogging here:

  1. I don’t plan to change from Drupal to WordPress anytime soon. However I don’t mind checking out WordPress for features I can steal for my blog.
  2. A friend of mine wants to try out blogging. But she does not want to be bothered with setting up her own blog and all so I am shopping around for a decent free hosting service on her behalf.
  3. If I find that blogging here is much easier than blogging in Drupal I might consider migrating my blog from Drupal to WordPress. But that is a very remote possibility because I am quite happy with Drupal.

A few months back, when I was shopping for the ‘right’ blogging software for myself I did try out WordPress. I found blogging in WordPress to be quite pleasant in general. However I eventually did not use WordPress because:

  1. I found installing new modules a bit of a pain. Often I had to delve into the code, copy paste stuff or apply patches. This was a strict no-no for me.
  2. I wanted a blogging software but I wanted something more. I wanted software that was excellent at blogging but also a decent enough general CMS. WordPress seems rather limited in these things.

I intend to forget all my previous experiences with WordPress and review it afresh. That way I won’t be biased against it. However having used Drupal for a few months now I will definitely want WordPress to offer me all the features in Drupal that I have got used to.

Right now I have 2 major concerns:

  1. Does this service allow me to take a raw dump of my blog data?
  2. Can I tweak the theme of the site? I am very much of a ‘me person’ and this blog won’t feel like home till the theme has been tweaked to my linking. No offence to the themes available here, all of them are great, but I want something of my own.